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Plumb M-one 20" Luggage

Feb 02, 2024 1

- This issue -

"STARK X PLUMB Co-branded Model

20" suitcase 

Polarised Lens Kit

Functional Sports Mug

Each of the three products continues PLUMB's mainstream design language.

The three most commonly used personal equipment

With unique structure and material re-presentation

The following is divided into three parts to explain one by one

The current version of the suitcase is a 20-inch boarding box.

No need to check in for short trips

Semi-matte surface colour gives the case a sense of equipment.

Multi-material splicing makes the overall comprehensive sense of texture very strong.

All the inlaid badges on the case are engraved in metal

The details of the case are well reflected


PLUMB will accompany you on every journey.

- Outline Dimensions

HINOMOTO Japan imported silent universal wheels

Silky-smooth and durable feel

Integral built-in handle and telescopic pole

Layers of texture

Dual-section gearbox buckle

Increase the hand feeling at the same time

Make the opening and closing status more reliable

Customs combination lock

Make international travelling more convenient and at the same time

Security is also greatly improved

Reasonable internal layout

Clothing area / document storage area / mobile device area

Clear and tidy three zones

Equipped with multi-purpose storage compartments

Clothes, cables and mobile devices

Equipped with professional-grade shockproof computer bag

MacBook pro 16" can be easily stored

COBRA metal quick release buckle

Allows you to secure and release the contents of the case more quickly

Adds a tactical feel to the case

Customised STARK zips

Ensure smooth use while further enhancing the details.

Multi-functional expansion module

Allows you to expand your personal gear outside of the case

No need to open the case to look for

Glasses case, sports cup, umbrella, rechargeable battery

Switch between them at will

Long metal inlaid badge

Support group club logo customisation

- Space to put it - in the boot

Whether it's a conventional boot

or the trunk of a supercar

Harmonious storage

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